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How SOY builds a website

Your website is probably the biggest digital marketing asset you’ll ever have because it’s a central portal for your company information, products, booking services, customer service, and more. So it’s crucial that you create a website that ticks all the boxes and provides your visitors a good customer experience. If you’re in the market to create your own website, SOY, a remote digital marketing agency that has website developers in Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, gives you a quick primer on how we create great websites for our clients. 

Discovery Meeting 

The first meeting, of course, is the foundation of web development, giving us the big picture of the whole project. We get to know who you are as a company, your products, services, your brandyour unique value proposition, and your goals for the site. 

We discuss who your target audience and users are, and we give them a face to guide us in creating a nuanced user experience for them. Are they young people looking for new learning opportunities? Are they C-level executives looking for quick way to book services? Or are they mothers who specifically want high-quality products for their children? By knowing who your customers are, we are more equipped to build the website around their goals, needs and expectations. 

This is when we also discuss the web platform and hosting aspects in detail. Our clients provide us hosting information, and we recommend a web platform that will make sense for them. We also talk about possible payment gateways if our clients intend to have an e-commerce website. 


Based on the initial meeting, our web developers will draft a sitemap, which has a dual purpose. This is the proposed outline of all the pages that will appear on your website. It’s also a skeletal structure that will inform the relationship and navigation between pages. The sitemap will also be an important part of your SEO later as search engines crawl your website and index information. 


Once the sitemap is approved, we proceed to creating the wireframe of your website. The wireframe is a mock-up of the content and flow of your pages, and it is a more in-depth look at how each page will look and function. Here you will have more control of your messaging and branding by identifying where hero images and banners will appear, and how much content should be featured. This is where you’ll also get a first look at user experience as we create the draft with your customers in mind. We make sure that your users accomplish their goals on your website with as few clicks as possible by allotting elements such as CTAs or call to action buttons that would help them make a decision easily. 

Content creation 

The information you give us will be helpful for our copywriters to further develop your website’s content. We’ll make sure to provide a good narrative that highlights your unique value proposition, balanced with SEO, so your content is both easily readable to your site visitors, and can easily rank on search engines. This will help increase your visibility, thought leadership, authority, and reliability to your customers. 

Visual design 

Our graphic designers work on great imagery, typography, and colour palettes to make your website come to life. SOY’s UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) creativity are at the forefront when we work on graphic designs for our clients’ websites. We build upon your current design identity, and use graphic design not only to impress and show your aesthetics, but also to inform and guide users in their journey across your website. Your website should both be eye-catching and interesting enough to retain eyes on it, so we conscientiously use different elements to give them a visually appealing and meaningful browsing experience. 


Our web developers code your website so it can live online. We recommend using WordPress as your content management system, and this is the choice CMS for most clients as it’s easy to use and navigate, and has a wide range of customisable themes, tools and plugins that would enhance your website. We also use CSS as our programming language because it adapts well to different devices, so your website can be functional and responsive on all desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. At the end of this process, we present the website to you and train you to use it so you can have control in updating and maintaining your website. 

Another main goal of SOY web developers is to create your website without requiring any more time, energy and money than necessary. We want your website to be online, used and enjoyed by all your customers, so you can consequently reinforce your reliability to your target base, and strengthen your business and reputation. 

Website Updates 

As your business grows and your goals changeyou may need to revise or add on to your website. This could be new landing pages, ecommerce, resources pages, or anything you need that will benefit you and your customers. Fortunately, with SOY, this doesn’t need to be an expensive or difficult task as our web developers can work on your additional website needs. With our flat website development cost of $45 per hour, SOY will provide easy and cost-effective web development solutions for you 

SOY Web Development 

We know how important your website is in your business operations and in improving your digital marketing. And we also know that having a website can be costly, that’s why SOY’s remote digital marketing agency’s specialists in Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines make sure to create your website within an agreed-upon timeframe, and easily usable by you, so you won’t have to hire in-house professionals to maintain it. We think about your time, budget and your targets to deliver a beautiful and functional website that you can be proud of.  

If you’re looking to have a website for your business, SOY’s digital marketing team will help you build it and support you throughout the whole process. Contact SOY today. 



At SOY, we appreciate all feedback and requests from our valued clients. Just drop us a line and we will respond shortly to see how we can help.