SOY helped Courses4me meet the rising demand for online upskilling, at only 1/6 of average Cost-per-Click.


Due to various impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online education and upskilling sky-rocketed, hence the increased competition amongst course providers.

Partnered with top institutions and industry leaders, Courses4me wanted to showcase unique benefits and bring their self-paced online courses to a wider audience pool both on Google (where they already ran ads) and social media (whose potential they hadn’t explored yet). And they needed to do it quickly.


Having monitored Courses4me’s social channels since day one, SOY quickly devised, published and optimised social advertising campaigns:

  • More than 10 campaigns were published within a month to advertise various courses on Facebook.
  • Always-on content of one post per day was maintained to keep the page active and responsive.
  • Explored multiple targeting parameters (Facebook native filtering, Lookalike audience, targeting expansion…) to define a suitable audience for each course.

The data was collected after managing profiles for a year and running ads for 3 months:


Cost-per-Click is 6 times cheaper than Facebook average


Click-Through-Rate is twice higher than Facebook average


Number of active campaigns on Facebook


Clicks back to course landing pages on the website


Number of people who have seen our ads on Facebook


Engagements (like, share, comment) with the ads

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Client, The Talents Consultants