SOY helped The Talent Consultants create their brand identity right from the very beginning to stand out from the crowd through professional, concise and engaging visuals.

Before us

As a new disrupting force in the recruitment market, The Talent Consultants wanted to build a strong, consistent and exclusive brand identity which they can easily apply in all their marketing initiatives.

What we did

After thorough discussions with the management team, SOY proceeded with building a complete brand guideline (i.e. logo design, colour palette, typography, tone of voice etc.). Our designers then followed these guidelines (plus a touch of creativity) to create distinctive marketing collateral such as flyers, standees, website and visuals on social platforms.

“SOY team are willing to go the extra miles so that we can have stunning marketing collaterals for both our offline events and online presence.”

Sarah Lourie, Director of Talent at The Talent Consultants

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