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Why Your Business Needs an Online Portfolio

An online portfolio is one effective and meaningful way to get your name out to potential clients and customers. It’s a must for companies trying to reinforce their digital presence and drive digital transformation. We know this is extra work, especially for small businesses, but as a digital marketing agency across Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, we see the value and success our clients’ portfolios has brought them. Here are our top four reasons why you should build an online portfolio. 

Show off your amazing products and services 

Your portfolio is an overview of you as a company, and a lot can be said with just a few photos and a few words. Look at it as a testimony of your products and services in action. If you’re an interior designer, your past works can provide a potential client a quick glance into your design aesthetic, and what kind of spaces you can work on. If you’re a construction company looking into doing more work for councils and residential areas, seeing your past works could be the deciding factor to your customers.  

Highlight your best works 

Portfolios are no longer just for writers and visual artists showing their work – anyone and any company can have their own portfolio. Create a space in your website to show specific works that you’re extremely proud of. Show which ones have been a success to your clients in terms of feedback and analytics.  

Production companies, for example, would benefit a lot from an online portfolio as people could finally associate you with the successful ads, movies, music videos and music videos. Highlight the ones which perfectly embody your products and your capabilities with engaging copy.  

This could also work if you want to feature your company’s corporate social responsibility activities. Applicants or even prospective partners could see your impact on the communities you extend help to, and they could be inspired to be part of your company. This is the perfect avenue to highlight your strengths and differentiate yourself to your audience. 

 Demonstrate your strategy and problem-solving 

Showing your past works is ultimately proof of how you solved your clients’ problems. As a web developer who has made highly optimised websites that enhance user experience, this would make a great impression in your portfolio. As a web designer, you should feature your work on your clients’ marketing collateral such as their logos, EDMs, newsletters, brand guidelines, proposals and more. Portfolios are a highly visual aspect of a website, and this is an excellent avenue to show how your creative works met your clients’ goals and helped in ensuring their success. 

In our experience as a digital marketing agency in Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, the portfolio of our clients highlight the excellent work that they’ve done, and this helps them attract more clients in the long run. 

Optimise your website 

Your online portfolio is a great opportunity to put SEO in practice. Using the right and relevant keywords related to your products or services will help drive more traffic to your website, attracting more potential clients. You also would benefit from using analytics to tell which keywords are ranking, how engaged audiences are with your page, and how to enhance browsing experiences for them. SEO will also tell you which products and services you should focus on depending on the audience reception.  


When all is said and done, your portfolio stands as your business card, exhibiting your capabilities, strengths, and your industry know-how. It helps build your presence online, and reinforces your skill, proficiency, competence and power. It might be a challenge to put up your own portfolio on your website, but it is well worth the effort to reach more of your audience who might bring you more business and enhance your reputation. 

SOY, a digital marketing agency with teams in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, has been curating our portfolio to show the impactful work of our graphic designers, web developers, SEO and PPC specialists, and writers. We are committed to making a big difference to our clients, and our body of work serves as our badge of success. 

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