Bring Your Digital Marketing Out of Quarantine

Bring Your Digital Marketing Out of Quarantine

We have gone into a major shift in the way we live, communicate and conduct business in the thick of COVID-19. With most people spending all their time at home in quarantine, and therefore on the internet, this serves as a signal for Australian businesses to reimagine their digital strategy. More than ever, digital marketing is the single most important thing to focus on – how well you do now will contribute to how well you will do long after the pandemic is over. Here are the top four things a digital marketing agency can help you with right now. 

Pivot your messaging 

The world is in the middle of a crisis, and it’s only appropriate to reflect the sensitivities people have around the coronavirus. Now is not the time to capitalise on the crisis and hard-sell your products and services – now is the time to show your business’ heart. Be empathetic in your language, tone and social media messages — make them feel assured, seen, and safe during these uncertain times. Highlight how you can help or benefit them at this specific time. People will be reminded of how positive, respectful and beneficial you were during this challenging period. Digital marketers can expertly help you to create a social media strategy and craft more appropriate messaging during this pandemic. 

Downtime productivity 

Use this time to consider new strategies for short-term plans. Whether it’s auditing your website, mobile app customer database or social media, implement improvements wherever you can. Now might be the best time to reevaluate your approach to your business operations to keep resilient and mitigate any losses. You may consult a digital marketing agency to give recommendations that can impact both your short-term and long-term goals. 

Focus on SEO 

More and more people are online, meaning there is more and more incoming data that will help inform you of what people are searching for, and any online trends that you might have to pay attention to. Create content around these topics and try to forecast and write about topics that may be relevant post-pandemic. Having these content pieces around in your website and social media will bear fruit once things go back to normal. Digital marketing experts can you optimise your online assets and build a solid content bank that will be relevant now and in the coming months. 

Business continuity 

We know for many Australian businesses, it’s not business as usual. It’s a great opportunity for you to work on the business when you may not be able to work in the business. Digital marketing agencies are working with their clients as closely as possible to create new marketing plans that include new and meaningful graphic design, website development, content creation, social media, PPC ads and SEO. 

For us here at SOY, our team is ready to take on the challenge. We are committed to providing the same highquality digital marketing services to our clients to keep their businesses even more relevant, visible, and resilient today and in the future. We see this quarantine period as a creative opportunity for clients to be part of this cultural shift and reimagine business decisions that will make a bigger and meaningful impact to them and their customers.  

Want to know how we can support your digital marketing initiatives in the time of quarantine? Contact SOY Digital today!