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Work In-house or Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

At some point, you’ve probably realised that you need to ramp up your marketing activities to meet your business goals. But there are obstacles ahead: you could be a small company with not enough people to execute your marketing initiatives; you probably don’t have the relevant experience; you don’t have the time to learn so you can do it yourselves; or you simply just don’t have the resources to do it. 

Doing your marketing in-house has its advantages – you get to save on costs, and you get to experiment on different marketing methods. But there are even more advantages when you work with a digital marketing agency. If you’re on the fence about partnering with an agency, here are four reasons why you should go the digital marketing agency route.

Convenient access to talent and skills

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business, you may not necessarily have people qualified to market your products and services. If you continue down this path, you’re bound to stumble onto bigger problems in the future – inconsistent visual branding, business loss because of wasted time and resources, missed targets, and an inferior public reputation.

If you partner with a digital marketing agency, you’ll get to work with experts in the field. You’ll get to work with dedicated professionals with experiencedelivering against similar business requirements. Within your reach are excellent copywriters, social media managers, graphic designers, Salesforce developers, web developers, SEO specialists and PPC specialists. 

Apart from these creatives and specialists, account managers will help you through your requirements. Given their experience with a range of clients from different industries, they can review your business, see your blind spots, and create a strategy aimed to meet your business goals. Once you have a strategy in place, the creatives will execute your plan, and you can rest knowing that there are amazing professionals doing the brunt of the work for you. 

Scalable marketing service 

A good digital marketing agency offers custom packages according to your needs, goals and your budget. This means you don’t get a one-size-fits-all approach, but one that is specially tailored to meet your requirements. You may need web development and SEO, but not necessarily content creation and PPC, so you only get the specific services that you want… and that will get you your ROI! 

You will get to save on costs because you never have to hire in-house executives. This means you won’t have to spend on salary, equipment, software, and even for space. With digital marketing agencies in Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, you can hire a full marketing team at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire one in-house executive. By saving on these expenses, you’ll get to refocus your resources where it matters. You can become an even more financially sound company by leveraging cost-effective remote digital marketing. 

Results with an impact 

As you work with a team of digital marketing specialists, you are assured that everything is executed to meet your specific goals. Your account manager will run you through the key performance indicators for your business, and will show you detailed reports and measurable results at the end of every month. You’ll have access to data-driven analyses of your marketing campaigns and see how effective they are. This way, you are provided clear insights to help you make informed decisions on what to do next in your campaign. 

Reliability and accountability are values agencies espouse, especially SOY. As a digital marketing agency with offices in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, you’ll work with dedicated creatives and professionals who are committed to meet your business objectives and delivering great results. 

Consistent branding 

When your branding isn’t well thought out or executed properly, it could be detrimental to your business. Your reputation can be destroyed and you may not attract the kind of customers you want for your business. You have to have a unified visual representation through your website and other marketing collateral – brochures, business cards, photos, social media and more. You also would benefit from content creation, social media management, search engine optimization, and paid ads that put your business in the spotlight. By having a consistent brand language and visuals, you set the foundation for attracting and engaging customers, and ultimately creating a trustworthy image. Choose to work with a team who can skillfully articulate your brand across all channels and marketing collateral. 

Work in-house or work with a digital marketing agency?  

For us at SOY, partnering with a digital marketing agency is like hitting multiple birds with one stone. You have access to professionals who can expertly strategise and efficiently execute according to your specific goals. You enjoy cost-effective, scalable services and custom packages according to your needs. You get measurable results through data-rich reporting. And you competently communicate your brand to your audience so you stand out to your customers and in the industry. 

All of these are part of the experience working with SOY as your digital marketing agency. We align with your requirements and goals to provide cost-effective marketing solutions designed to help you grow your business. With our marketing teams in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, you can finally focus on running your business, assured that a dedicated team has got you covered, providing even more value than you can imagine. 

Get started on your marketing initiatives. Contact SOY today. 

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