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How to Strengthen Your Brand?

Your business’ brand is more than just your name – it’s the culmination of how well-thought-out your strategy is and how effectively it’s implemented. There are a lot of companies, especially small ones, who don’t have a well-articulated brand, mostly because they don’t have in-house marketing capacity. But marketing and branding can sometimes make or break a company, especially in today’s digital landscape. SOY, a remote digital marketing agency with teams in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, lists down ways you should consider to strengthen your brand so you can grow your business. 

What is “branding” anyway? 

This word has been thrown around in the past five years as a renewed marketing focus because customers are now looking at companies with more scrutiny, accountability, and expect brands to have a relatable, unified message.  

Branding is how your customers perceive and experience your business. It’s your positive, memorable personality that draws your audience in and makes your customers keep coming back for more. Likewise, your brand is also a point of pride for your employees as they are fulfilled to be associated with your company. 

And why is branding important? It’s what gets your business to stand out, distinctly differentiates you from your competitors, provides your customers a clear and better choice, ensuring your long-term success. An intelligently woven brand speaks of a unified message, clear offerings, better perception, increased sales, and achieves continued trust and loyalty from your customers. 

In our experience as a remote digital marketing agency, we’ve seen how branding has made a difference in our clients’ businesses. If you don’t know how you can start building your brandSOY is here to help. 

Define your target market 

First you have to know who your audience is. Start by creating a buyer persona – who uses your products or services? Are they fathers who like to work on home improvement activities? Are they CEOs who like to treat their clients to fine-dining restaurants? Or are they students looking for accessible learning resources during their free time? 

When you have a better idea of who your target market is, it’s easier to create messaging that connects and resonates with them. You would have a better idea on how to position yourself to them, and what kind of language to use in your communications, whether it’s social media, EDMs, even print collateral.  

Define your value 

What are the things that make your business indispensable to your customers? Try to evaluate your brand to find out what your strengths are, your best qualities, and the benefits you provide to your customers. Ask yourself what is the one thing about your business that cannot be replicated by your competitors? Is it the value for money? Excellent customer service? Custom products? A competitive analysis would be of great value to you at the start of this process to be more familiar with the industry landscape, where you fit in that landscape, and how you can stand out.  

Create your unique messaging 

Your brand is best experienced with interesting and relatable messaging. Determine what your brand voice will be – will it be informative, funny, friendly? Will you be making original content or will you also capitalise on trends? Always communicate your valuable products and services with a tone aligned with your personality and that’s relatable to your audience.  

Create uniquely recognisable visual design in all your collateral. Make sure they all have the same design elements – the combination of colours, shapes, typography and images should have a look that should be easily identifiable to your specific company only. 

You should also have multichannel marketing that spans across all your marketing collateral – website, social media, EDMs, PPC advertising, labels and packaging, and even your customer service. This means that you should be active on different platforms to reach as many of your audience as possiblecommunicating a consistent message 

One type of marketing collateral you should also focus on is video. Bite-sized video content is a trend companies should follow in 2021, according to marketing experts. Videos are always attractive to online audiences, and show off your unique voice, expertise, and creativity. You can use online tools to easily create high quality videos that can serve as your core marketing assets for years to come.  

Strengthening your brand in 2021 

Of course, there are so many moving parts involved in creating strong branding in 2021, and we’ve only scratched the surface in this blog. Whilst we have given you the foundation to start working on your brand, there are a lot more to discuss. If you’re a business looking to create a stronger brand but don’t know where to start, please feel free to reach out to SOYa remote digital marketing agency with a diverse team across Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, so we can help your business thrive in today’s digital marketing landscape. 

At SOY, we appreciate all feedback and requests from our valued clients. Just drop us a line and we will respond shortly to see how we can help.