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How to Do Multichannel Marketing

You need to be where your customers are. And they are everywhere – Search Engines, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, your website, and a whole host of apps and sites where your customers get their information and interact with othersAs they use these different platforms, you have to grab the opportunity to reach them as best as you can. This is where multichannel marketing comes in as part of your larger strategy in promoting your brand, products and services. SOY, a digital marketing agency with teams in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, breaks down multichannel marketing for you. 

What is Multichannel Marketing? 

Some experts say that customers gain your business’ trust or take action after seeing your products and services for about an average of seven timesSo you have to spread your messaging across different platforms to get through to your audience. Multichannel marketing simply means being active in different social media platforms, websites, and even non-digital media to connect with your audience with a consistent message. The goal with multichannel marketing is customer engagement and locking them in when it counts.  

How Should I Start? 

One of the most important things you can do is to define your buyer persona on each platform. This may take some time and effort, but defining your segmented audiences gives you a better idea for your approach. You have to know that consumers may also behave differently in different platforms. On Facebook your audience may be of an older age bracket. On Twitter, your followers may be younger and could be expecting more direct customer service. On Instagram, they may be more inclined to just casually browse. And on LinkedIn, your audience may be more inclined to purchase or partner. While you will be dealing with different general customer personas, your messaging should still be consistent, clear, and connect well with them. 

What are Examples of Multichannel Marketing? 

If, for example, you are trying to promote your private car rental service, you can have different posts on social media. On Facebook and Instagram, you can post a one-minute video about the ease, professionalism of your private chauffer, and the sanitation process for your car’s interior. On Twitter, it could be a link to your blog post about how your private car service is essential in today’s market where people prefer to travel by themselves or in small groups. On LinkedIn, it could simply be a post about how the service positively impacts high-level executives who are always on the go. 

Creating different posts but with a unified message is key to multichannel marketing. This gives your audience different impressions and experiences that can prompt them to connect and convert. 

Another way to implement multichannel marketing is to focus on one big marketing asset which can then be broken down into smaller, shorter segments across the different platforms. For example, you can conduct an interview or host a webinar with industry experts. This interview can then be spliced into a handful of shorter videosturned into a podcast, a blog post that features select parts of the transcript, or even into an eye-catching infographicEssentially, these big topics can be produced into smaller pieces of digestible content and be spread across your content calendar for weeks and months to come. 

If your business is just starting out, we recommend Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We know that you want to be seen across all channels as possible, but that sometimes you are also working with tight budget. If multichannel marketing isn’t realistic for you yet, SEM is one way to be seen on search engines like Google and Bing, and possibly even generate some revenue. Once you’ve started building your online reputation, growing your customer base, and earning from SEM, that’s when we can start working on your multichannel marketing strategy.  

Putting It into Action 

Implementing multichannel marketing can be quite tedious at the start but it is much easier to set up the foundation now so you can reap the benefits at a faster rate. Partner with an experienced digital marketing agency in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines that has extensive expertise on multichannel marketing. At SOY, we bring this strategy to life to create different customer experiences and digital solutions that make an impact. Contact SOY to incorporate multichannel marketing in your strategy. 

At SOY, we appreciate all feedback and requests from our valued clients. Just drop us a line and we will respond shortly to see how we can help.