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How Colour Impacts Your Brand

For many businesses out there it’s easy to brush off graphic design as something frivolous because it’s not typically considered revenue generating. But in truth, graphic design, especially the use of colours in your logo, website design and other marketing collateral can make or break your business. SOY, a remote digital marketing agency based in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, has had countless graphic design projects with a wide range of clients. Based on what we’ve done and what we see in the industry, we break down how a mastery of colourscolour theory and colour psychology builds a strong foundation for your brand. Keep on reading! 

Why should you focus on colours and graphic design? 

In advertising, it’s been said that the eye instinctively sees colours first before shapes, words and typography. Colours are a visual, emotional and psychological cue. In a matter of seconds, they can influence consumers how to feel, how to behave and can even compel them to make a decision in your favour. At a glance, a brand’s colour story can provide a narrative without verbal exposition, giving your audience a quick snapshot of who you are as a business. 

How many times have you passed by a McDonald’s, seen its red and yellow sign, and felt tempted to get a burger and fries? We bet you’ve always associated simplicity and intuitive accessibility with Apple’s use of white. And how can we forget seeing the colour stories of brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton and instantly think about luxury? 

Colours are part of a larger strategy of successful brands. When incorporated well into a logo or any kind of marketing and sales material, it helps establish your brand personality with purpose and clarity. 

Why do you need a graphic designer? 

When building your visual brand identity, you need a creative professional who has a vast knowledge in colour theory and colour psychology. Graphic designers create designs based on your products, services, history and values, to name a few. And this can be seen through their understanding of different tones and hues, and the proportion of colours used in your collateral. Graphic designers also make sure to use logical colour choices, whether in the combination, placement, or sizing. Their nuanced knowledge of colours adds to the goal of helping you influence your consumers in the best way possible.   

Another reason why it’s ideal to work with a graphic designer is that they have a clear understanding of what looks good and why it looks good. With their numerous experiences working with different businesses, they know what clicks, what is memorable, and what can make your brand unique.  

Upon reading instructions or project briefs, graphic designers also consider where your collateral will be seen. If you need an activation booth, they know which colours will attract customers more. If you need a business card, they know which colours will help you make a good first impression to your clients. Graphic designers know what looks good in theory, but more importantly, they also know how their colour choices and concepts work in the real world. 

Having a graphic designer think about and execute these things for your brand’s authenticity is top priority. They make sure that their designs suit your brand and capture the messaging you want to convey to your customer base.  

Graphic design through a remote digital marketing agency  

SOY’s graphic designers are digital natives, and therefore experts in anything and everything about design. Our graphic designers from Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines know more beyond colours – they are brand wizards who take visual art and transform them into valuable assets for your business.  

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